• GMP Consulting

      Every client is special. Shanghai Jinji’s policy is not only to tell you what is wrong, but to help you improving and rectifying all weaknesses and problems. We accompany our clients through the whole process of achieving a GMP certificate, beginning with the registration of products…

    • Audit

      The type of audit altogether with the reason is further distinguished and categorized. This is done with the terms “1st party”, “2nd party” and “3rd party” audit, whereas the latter is conducted by independent, qualified and experienced auditors.

    • Product Registration

      Providing regulatory services is one of the cornerstones of our business. Together with our Partners in Europe we provide our expertise across all kinds of activities and projects in the fields of development, approval and certification, as well as dossier management for pharmaceuticals.

    • Market entry in Europe

      With more than 10 year experience in doing business with Chinese and European companies, we can help you to plan your projects in China. We can address requirements and problems across borders of language, culture and legal framework.